Welcome, Today is: April 13, 2008

Our little history.

All began with Oranje and musty. After months of gaming in Hd (Hallowed Darkness), musty, Hd leader, decided to stop the team. After a pause of a few weeks, both decided to make a team. Born to play on rtcw 1.0, the team quickly imposed its skill on the version. We had to find other challenges: Warleagues. There we could face skilled team, what would be also more interesting for us.

So we signed in WL season 14 to begin, in alpha league,... , a season which didnt go so good to us. But now, with our new members, it should be easier...


ET OpenCup 3on3
1heone will play its second ET 3O3 Opencup. This season, team 1heone has increased its roster. We are now proud to have uNiqz, bLITZ, merlinator, mara to make it possible to finish first of the division.

RTCW cup
1heone signed in! Our first match will be the qualifier match on Sunday 13th.

match vs KiH.
There we go! After both teams #1 and KiH. passed the playoffs, nummer1 has now to defeat KiH. ,a team with the famous&skilled players as the known arnjee,zerom,etc. It will be for sure one of our hardest match.

1heOne signed in the Burner Cup
1heOne signed in the BurnerCup, a cup which consists of many teams, some of them really skilled(like coh,one-soldier,...).The OSP squad will rox da house :)

1heOne signed in Warleagues season15
There we are. Warleagues staff announced the 15th season of the famous OSP league. We will play in the league "alpha", facing teams as fixed, PT, or even SDI. For this new season, 1heone's new OSP squad will try to do its best to win the matches.

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